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Our Decile 9 contributing state primary school has 220 students who come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Opened in 1968 we are located in an established northern Wellington suburb only 10 minutes drive from Wellington Central. Approximately 14% of our students are of Maori heritage and 55% New Zealand European. A further 31% are from other ethnic backgrounds including Asian and Pasifika. Following completion of Year 6, most of our students move on to attend Newlands Intermediate.

The school curriculum aims to encourage students to understand and respect the different cultures that make up New Zealand Society, while recognising and valuing the unique position of Maori. Paparangi School will take all reasonable steps to provide Tikanga and Te Reo Maori by consulting with the community when appropriate, providing staff professional development where required, and seeking advice from the local marae when necessary.

Initiatives are in place that support staff and student wellbeing through a resilience approach and embed the ‘learning community’ philosophy and practice across the school. School wide programmes and incentives foster positive, ┬ácourteous behaviour. This friendly behaviour is celebrated and acknowledged and senior students are encouraged to be role models for younger students. The role of all staff is to be pro-active rather than reactive in regard to student behaviour. Our aim is to foster self discipline and responsibility for learning in our students. We pride ourselves on being a ‘friendly school’.

The staff work cooperatively as a team across the school. Team teaching and cooperative approaches are used across syndicates and the whole school through shared planning opportunities and cross grouping.

We endeavour to foster a positive partnership with the school community in all we do and provide a high level of support and encouragement to our parents/caregivers in all areas.

News and School blog

Throughout the year this site will be updated with new content, links, and advice. Your child’s class may be also contribute content to the blog which is a great way to stay in touch with what activities and learning opportunities are being undertaken.


Whether it’s swimming classes, inter-school cross country, bi-annual school production or the Gully Gutbuster fundraiser there is always something going on at Paparangi School! The website will be regularly updated with information on upcoming events and important reminders. You can also get a great overview of our regular events here. As a National Pilot School for Environmental Education, all students are encouraged to respect and care for our environment. We are recipients of two Bronze and a Silver Enviroschools Awards and we are aiming to achieve a Green/Gold Holistic Reflection Award in 2015.


Paparangi School is required by law to record the attendance of our students and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that all of our students are present at school. If you child is going to be absent we would appreciate being advised. You can either ring the school office on (04) 478 6617 choose Option 2 and leave a voice message or you can complete our absence form located here. Please note that some Smartphones are not compatible with the website and you won’t be able to submit the form.

Update emergency details

The school is required to maintain an up-to-date register of all people that are authorised to uplift your children in the unlikely event of a civil emergency requiring the evacuation of the school premises. It is important that these details are kept as up to date as possible. Please contact the school office if these details need to be amended.

Donations and costs

The school receives an operational grant based on our decile rating and number of students and while this covers most of the costs of today’s education, we still experience an annual shortfall. Like all schools, Paparangi School relies on the support of its parents to assist with covering many of these unfunded costs. Each year we ask for a voluntary donation of $130.00 per child. This donation is tax deductible (see the IRD website here for more information).

We also ask our parents for contribution to our in-classroom costs such as student worksheets for Monitoring Folders, Class Stationary and Art Activities. Depending on which year your child is at there may be additional costs such as participation in the Mathletics or the Newspapers in Education programmes. Any additional costs are noted on your child’s respective stationary list.

Stationary lists

Stationery lists naturally vary by year. Previous year’s items can be used in some instances. You can view the various class stationery lists here

School Newsletters

Our school newsletters contain lots of information of what’s been happening and are published generally every two weeks. As an enviro school we prefer to distribute the newsletter by email. If you haven’t already, please provide an appropriate email address to our friendly staff in the office who will ensure that you are added to the distribution list.