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Library Block refurbishment

In 2010 the Board of Trustees set a strategic goal of raising the school roll above 150.

In 2016 that goal has well and truly been met! While this growth can be attributed to several different factors; the biggest challenge of this growth is ensuring that as a school we continue to provide modern, fit for purpose learning areas for our students that are future focused and are able to evolve and respond to different needs as educational practice itself evolves and changes.

In early 2015 the Board of Trustees and school management determined that in order to meet the needs of our growing roll it would be necessary to refurbish our middle block of classrooms. This block was home to our wonderful library, art room and after school care provider. During 2015 various plans and designs were considered with this final plan being decided on.

These new learning spaces are known by several different descriptors, one of the most common is Flexible Learning Space (FLS). If you are interested in understanding more about Flexible Learning Spaces, you can read an informative white paper here.

Work started in May 2016 and the refurbishment project was completed in the middle of August. Three year 1 classes moved in at the end of August. Matua Joe McLeod from Nga Hau e Wha o Paparangi Marae led the Whare Karakia Whakawatea ceremony at the opening of Uenuku. The year 1 children, teachers and guests took part in the opening at which Senior Kapa Haka students also performed.

Unfortunately the school lost the use of our library due to the remodelling of the classrooms. Our goal in 2017 is to re-open the library in the space next to Uenuku. We are currently fund-raising for this new project. In the meantime, our very dedicated librarian has prepared classroom packs of books for the children to use and a limited library service will operate from the ‘Pop-Up Library’ between rooms 11 & 12 in Rakau Nui.

In 2017 three year 3&4 classes are learning in Uenuku.

The transformation of this classroom block is tracked in the series of photos below:

In the beginning…

IMG_6862 - Library

A nearly empty library

IMG_6861 - Artroom

A very empty art room

It has taken a while to get things sorted but the renovation of our library/art block is underway and the builders are setting a cracking pace! Below are photos from week one of the project. As advised in the school newsletters, the building site can be a dangerous place, so if you’re having to transit the area please be mindful of the warning signs and respect the barriers that are in place.

Reno - Library Office

Looking into the old library office

Reno - Art Room

The old art room has a new door!

At week six of the refurbishment, the painters are in to give the ceilings a spruce up. The Council inspector has also been around and given us the pre-line (that’s putting the plaster board up for the building illiterate among us) inspection, which went fine – so up went the plasterboard. We’re waiting on our custom made internal and external aluminum doors which are probably another couple of weeks away.

Reno - Library

The new space is really taking shape


First of the plasterboard lining is up!

We’re now into week eight of the refurbishment and this are really starting to move along. In the pictures below you can see that the gib-stoppers have been very busy. The painter has finished the ceilings and is working on some of the walls. You can see the old library office taking shape as one of the new entrances. If you have a few minutes you should have a read through of this discussion paper that will explain alot about how Flexible Learning Spaces operate. When you return from the current holidays, the doors should be in!


Waiting for some paint


New entrance

So it was more than just the doors that had been put in over the latest school holiday break. The entire build project is now complete! Our new Innovative Learning Space is finished and looks amazing. Our combined Year 1 class won’t be moving in just yet however and the classrooms still have to be furnished. However, with the bright colours, new layout and multiple breakout spaces the new classrooms look stunning. They’ll be even better once our young learners make the space theirs.

ILS New 1

The old art room…

ILS New 3

Just waiting for its Year 1 occupants.