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Enviro School

Paparangi School is a proud member of the EnviroSchools and SchoolGen programmes. This unique sustainability project extends to over 950 early childhood education centres and schools throughout New Zealand.

On Wednesday 25 August 2015 Paparangi School became Wellington’s first Green/Gold accredited school. This award followed several years of hard work by our dedicated Green Team and Gardening Gang and builds on our previous Silver and two Bronze awards.

Enviroschools is based on five guiding principles:

  • Empowered Students are enabled to participate in a meaningful way in the life of Paparangi School. They are supported to take action for real change.
  • Learning for Sustainability recognises the types of teaching and learning that foster student empowerment, decision-making, action and sustainable outcomes.
  • M?ori Perspectives honours the status of tangata whenua in this land and the value of indigenous knowledge in enriching and guiding learning and action.
  • Respect for the Diversity of People and Cultures acknowledges the unique gifts, contributions and perspectives of individuals and groups, reinforcing the need for participatory decision-making.
  • Sustainable Communities act in ways that nurture people and nature, now and in the future, to maintain the health and viability of our environment, society, culture and economy.

Through exploration and discovery, tamariki and students develop learning and language, care and creativity, relationships and responsibilities suited to their developmental stage. What emerges is a connection with nature and a sense of belonging to the environment and community.

Working in the garden

Working in the garden

Through these connections with the environment tamariki and students can consider the world we are a part of, and look to how we make decisions to improve the physical and social environment of our places, our community and our world. We continue to promote sustainability initiatives throughout our school and wider community. We aim to take every opportunity to teach our students the importance of caring for the environment so future generations can continue to enjoy our natural environment.

You can learn more about the EnviroSchools Programme here.

The school is very proud to be involved in the Schoolgen program since 2014. This program is organised and sponsored by Genesis Energy. In addition to the solar panels installed by Genesis Energy, the school funded a further set of panels. Our students focus on raising awareness and knowledge of renewable energy and the importance of solar energy. They gain understanding about current environmental issues such energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and climate change. The amount of energy from traditional sources that is not used due to the solar panels and how this translates into everyday consumption is regularly reported on in the school newsletter.

You can learn more about the Schoolgen Programme here.