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Computer user agreement and parental permission form

This permission and computer user agreement form needs to be completed by parents/caregivers and the child.
The school ICT policy and conditions are available at the school office on request or can be viewed via the policy page on this site.

My child,

may use the internet and email while at school according to the rules outline in the school policy. YesNo

Parent’s permission for the publication of students work/pictures.
I understand that from time to time the school may wish to publish examples of student projects, group photographs of students, and other work on an internet accessible world wide web server.

My child’s work can be published on the internet YesNo
(no personal details will be released apart from the student’s first name.)

My child may appear in general class activity photos YesNo
(No portrait photos will be used, no personal details will be released apart from the student’s first name.)

Parent’s name


These are the guidelines that need to be followed to prevent the loss of computer privileges at Paparangi School:
1. Do not use a computer to harm other people or their work
2. Do not damage the computer or the network in any way
3. Do not interfere with the network by installing any software, shareware or freeware
4. Do not violate copyright laws
5. Do not view, send or display offensive messages or pictures
6. Do not waste limited resources such as printing capacity
7. Do not trespass into other people’s electronic folders, work or files
8. Notify an adult immediately, if by accident, you encounter inappropriate material
9. Be prepared to be held accountable for your actions and the loss of privileges if the Rules of Appropriate Use are violated.

Pupil’s Section

Pupil’s Name:

Room Number:

I accept the conditions of Paparangi School’s ICT policy.